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weathering hurricane bill. a boat caught off the coast and
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starting to sink. a fox 5 photographer catches it all. >> i had no idea whether i had resuscitated a person or a friend who was going to be in a vegetative state. >> a doctor saves a man dead more than 10 minutes. how a new treatment is working for cardiac arrest patients. good morning. i'm melanie alnwick. and we'll talk about the redskins as well today and see how they did in the preseason home opener against the superbowl champions. but weather is our big story and we begin with the saturday soaker. most of the regions slammed with rain for hours. thanks for joining us. we're going to look out to where folks are getting ready for thousands of bikers to show up. it's still early. they'll show up and head out
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for big tigger's third annual hiv/aids ride for life. will mother nature shine down on them after this soaker? the ground so saturated it brought down heavy trees. and we're going to go down to tucker barns who is live in the weather center with the local forecast and the latest on hurricane bill. still going to be some clouds around and we can't rule out the possibility of a rstormbut after or yedaaky'sos ye, ertoday will be a brighter forecast. we'll go right to the satellite radar, a mix of sun and clou, , ill many morning fog but at than it's quietethan d ster aiag a i think just a s a th dermrsunto t nodaoy, not the washingtonout from yesterday. hurricane bill is holding up the progress of this cold front so we'll watch it march to the east during the day. temperatures 71, humidity 81%. winds out of the north and west
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at 5 miles per hour. the cold front is trying to get through here and i think it will succeed to march east during the course of the day so. that will leave us with a mix of sun and clouds. a scattered afternoon shower and thunderstorm. but many will remain dry throughout the day. and with aurof ate of be less ll let's push on stye ay.dand let's push on and g to our viperte at bihu rrat hurricane bill. maximum winds, 85 miles pan ouac a rnding off to rthe horth as eaatt east at 25 milesr gsin or hour. eynd. gs for martha's ar and now we're concerning about new finland and nova scoscia. it looks like it will race off to the north and east at 25 miles per hour. i'll have more information for you and the workweek coming up.
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melanie. >> tucker, thank you so much. no direct hit from hurricane bill about he's still packg a punch. mid-atlantic authorities are still urging caution when going to the beach this weekend. well despite beach closerrings and dangerous current warnings, many die- hards are spending the weekend at beach. here is our hurricane bill team coverage. >> reporter: with dangerous swells and rip currents, forecasts predicting nova scotia could ake the direct hit and barn warning -- warning beach-goers. >> the riptides are very strong. there is a very strong undertoe and the waves will only t worse. >> reporter: in north carolina to new york, many taking advantage of the waves.
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>> you don't see these in this area, so that's why we're out here so late. >> but it creates a dangerous reality for swimmers. >> we've had probably a ha dozen rescues. >> reporter: many coastal families enjoying what is left of the summer. >> i coop my kids in the line of safety here. >> reporter: and on the island of bermuda, tourists taking an island vacation thankful the storm wasn't worse. >> it veered in between us and the u.s. so we were very fortunate. >> reporter: on martha's vineyard is still okay but forecasts are watching the area. in new york, fox news. well the hurricane swells with creating dangerous waves in our area. warnings are out for boaters and swimmers and the dangers
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are very real. karen gray houston witnessed a dramatic rescue from the rough waters in ocean city. >> reporter: folks in the commonwealth are being warned about high surf. >> beach-goers headed for ocean city any way. swimming in ocean city was restricted. >> we're allowing surfers to be out there. >> reporter: but swimming -- no. vacationers watched the violent waves. >> the coast guard goes racing to the rescue. three adult males were on board a sinking boat. the coast guard got there just in the nick of time but fined them because there were not enough life jackets on board. water safety officials know
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fierce winds can cause killer rip currents, the third leading cause of weather-related deaths so they're trying to keep swimmers and boaters out of the water. >> we wanted to go and sit in the water and brought our boogie boards but the life guard says we can't go out. >> reporter: along with other swimmers who have a healthy respect for mother nature, the waves are a challenge to some like those on jet skis or surfers. >> if you're not used to this -- >> reporter: it wasn't a lost day, for little ones, receding tides left plenty of sand to play in. >> bethany beach did remain open most of the day.
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mother nature blamed for an apartment fire in district heights. investigators say intense lightning spiked a fire. it took 50 firefighters 45 minutes to get the flames under control. you can see repairs are underway, but 7 families will have to find somewhere else to sleep for a while. gunfire in a check cashing store in arlington. now police are on the hunt for the man who tried to rob the business. police released a surveillce photo of the suspect. he walked in and showed a gun and passed a note to the clerk. police said he fired the gun during the exchange but took off without the cash. no one was hurt. caught on camera. a different kind of crime. here is a look at thieves prying open a atm thursday in a chevron station in northeast d.c. two suspected pop the front of the machine open and grab the cash and then a couple of bags of chips before leaving. police are trying to figure out
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if it's connected to a similar atm theft the same day in a capitol heights liquor store. a sports triple header threatened to create the perfect storm traffic wise. the redski, d.c. united and fans. the triple threat was not as bad as most feared. well the rain was no match for the redskins faithful. fans fired up for the first preseason game at home against the steelers. fired up is one way to describe chase daniels. the undrafted rookie threw two touchdown passes, fighting for a roster spot. in the fourth, skins down by three, chase daniels shows why he could move up the depth
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chart. a perfect pass for a touchdown. the skins win 17-13. look out colt brennan, skin fans may have a new underdog to for. >> it was a blast. it feltgood to throw the ball around. >> later in the show we'll hear more from chase daniel and another rookie. but first many car owners consider themselves winners after taking advantage of the cash for clunkers rogram and many others cash in before the program expires. and will the unemployment picture get worse before it gets better? the new predictions next. 
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the cash for clunkers program running out of cash again. you only have two more days. obama administration calls the program a success. thousands of brand new cars and truck have been flying off lots across the country. but now some of those busy dealers are wondering when uncle sam will make good on the
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promise to reimburse them for the rebates. max acland is looking into this one. >> reporter: forget the rain, when there is a deal to be had. mother nature can't even get in the way. it was so busy at this honda dealership, they were literally driving the cars out of the showroom. >> i thought i better do it now before monday. >> lynette worried her old chevy blazer worth only a few hundred bucks could die at any moment, so they were more than happy to accept $4,500 towards a new honda crv. >> you can't beat that. >> i think it's great. it's better than what i would get for my vehicle. so having this type of program for the kind of car that i have gives me the opportunity to get a better car. >> reporter: management here say it's been a long time since they've seen this kind of customer traffic. buyers at every desk, sales clerks filling out paper work
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as fast as possible. >> before they weren't so confident but now it's a good time to buy a car. >> reporter: this dealership has made 650 deals and expects a thousand before the program ends. says the government owes his dealership $650,000. >> it's been a deal getting our applications paid. >> reporter: but right now the focus is taking in the old and selling the new. without the helping hand from the government, nette would be clunking around in her old ride until it died. >> my car almost conked out op me. almost. >> and the program officially ends tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. now at some area dealerships, they say the plan is to replace the cars sold and that means the plan is going up to
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manufacturing as well. the nevada department of employment and rehabilitation, says the july unemployment rate is now over 13%, that's up a percentage point from june and almost double the unemployment rate from july of '08. not a good sign for a town that depends heavily on the tourism industry. and while things seem dismal in vegas, other areas are seeing a turn around. the unemployment rate fell in 17 states but did rise in 26 states. so are things getting better or worse? james rosen takes a closer look. >> reporter: 10% of americans unemployed through 2011 and still flowing above 6% a decade from now. that's the grim picture of a jobless recovery from the current recession as forecast in a report by economist at the federal reserve bank in kansas city. >> this is exactly the debate going on in the economics
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today. because we have a recession will we get a nice bounds or are we stuck in a period of low recovery, particularly in labor markets and i tend to agree with the authors that we come out of this struggling in a rocky recovery way. >> reporter: in terms of job losses, the current downturn ranks among the worst of nixon and president reagan's first days in office. but it is the milder recessions of 1990-91 and 2001, both shorter in length but both followed by jobless recoveries that better predict what lies ahead toy. because of greater use of temp workers in the last two decades. in some chart a smaller blue portion shows those laid off temporarily and that in yellow is those laid off permanently and then on top of that looms
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the banking crisis. >> it used to bethat as you're coming out of recession, that companies could go back to the short-term financing for use to pay payroll, but now they can do not because of the credit market. >> and in a comparison of foreign economies, in inland, norway, sweden and japan, high unemployment is found to stick around even after a recession has ended. in washington, james rosen, fox news. here is our area, d.c. and virginia saw decreases in the number of unemployed but maryland's unemployment rate rose in july. a little reminder, new credit card rules took affect last thursday. now credit card companies must send you a bill at least 21 days before it's due, give you 45 days notice before raising interrates and give you the right to reject a rate change and close your account. most significant rules of the new law take affect in
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february. now these include restrictions on rate increases for existing card debt and on how issuers apply your payment. hard to believe but summer coming to a close. before you send your kids back to school, find out what shots they need and what new programs are cong their way. and there i was, laying on my back with my eyes wide open but not breathing, no heart or pulse or anything. >> a man suffered a major heart attack, only this time he lives to tell. later hear the incredible story of how th th heated with the help of a novel new treatment. 
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making headlines this morning, three weeks after a gunman opened fire in a pittsburgh fitness club, the gym is set to open again. the members are lining up for tomorrow'reopening. three women were killed and nine others were injured before the shooting took his own life.
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in greece, thousands are running for their lives. hospitals and homes and campuses are being evacuated as wildfires tears through the country. greek officials declared a state of emergency. firefighters and soldiers are battling dozens of fires by air and ground. so far there are no reports of any deaths. more outrage. fbi director robert muller sent a scathing letter to the justice minister outraged about the release of the locker bee terrorist. al-megrahi was the only person convicted in the bombing. most americans died. there is a denial there was an agreement with libia to broker the release. and it is that time of year.
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back to school. students and parents are gearing up and there is not much time to get prepared. prince george's county and the district of columbia start classes tomorrow. more schools in our area will follow in the next couple of weeks. d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee says all of the schools in the direct are ready to go. but be warned, students will be required to get more immunizations. >> books are in schools, we're fully staffed with teachers and principals. we have sent schedules out to all of our secondary school students. we did that last week. our buildings, we're getting the air-conditioning ready for the heat. so we are definitely ready. we have six new immunizations that are necessary for school this year. so on top of the five that we had, we have an additional six to that's a pretty heavy lift for parents. we need folks to get out to their doctors offices. >> students in montgomery county go back to school a week from tomorrow. this is the first school year the county is using the 7 keys
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to college readiness as a guide to get kids ready for college. the superintendent of montgomery county public schools says the program starts at birth with the parents and kicked in for public cools when the kids enter kindergarten. >> this is a pathway, something i didn't dream up, something our people didn't dream up, we looked at our 91,000 gradates that have been there since i have, the past ten years, this is the pathway they take, if they went to college and got out with a bachelor's degree. we want parented to push this because that will help the children. push the children's expectations, push our expectations. we want every child college ready when they graduate. >> the county was able to maintain class sizes for the new school year. well for all of your back to school tips and immunization requirements, head over to
8:26 am tuesday it's back to the international space station. the spa shuttle discovery and it's crew of 7 are scheduled to lift off during the early- morning hours. celebrating the 19th amendment. since 1920 women have had the right to vote and we honor that with women's equality day. thursday is power down day. microsoft has joined forced with hp to challenge government employees and workers to turn off the pc and printer at the end of the day. well if you thought the talk about death panels is silly, you'll want to listen to chris wallace today. we'll talk live with him in minutes. and another live lok at the gathering for big tigger's hiv and aids charity ride. bikers are gathering at rfk stadium.
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will mother nature make it a smooth cruise? tucker barnes is back with a workweek preview.
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with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. i ur nkf yo c erlu qualifies to be recycled, you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. and just announced! if you fuafyhelior t clunker rebate, you al orr 72 a $3500 government re abatend no doba payment. go to for details.
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the outcry over health care reform continues. now there is a clash in congress. nancy pelosi and steny hoyer. e president set the record stra >> i know soon -- no sooner want to get between you and your doctor than i want insurance companies to make arbitrary decisions about what medical care is best for you, as they do today. as i've said from the beginning, under the reform we seek, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> now crics say that it's too expensive and gives the government too much control.
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well the talk about end of life planning provisions have struck a nerve. administration officials said the outcry over the death panels is nonsense. but fox has uncovered a work book that may bring life back into that debate. chris wallace joins with a preview of that. >> good morning, melanie. this is being used for end of life counseling for veteran affairs administration for all of the 24 million veterans. reason this is significant is because in the work book, it's 51 pages, they have one section and work sheet and they ask people, let's give you 18 different situations, tell us whether this situation would be difficult but acceptable, worth living but just barely or not worth living at all. some of them include i can no longer walk but get around in a wheelchair, i'm a burden on my family and i live in a nursing
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home. and there are a number of critics who say that they believe that this is the teran's administration pushing an elderly veteran what may have suffered strokes and have a severe disability who may be in a wheelchair and living in a nursing home is a way of pushing them to did the right thing and not linger and that's why one of the top critics who we'll be talking about at the top of the hour calls this the death book for veterans. we'll talk about the man who broke starty and we'll talk with an assistant secretary of veteran as fairs at the top of the hour. i think it will be a very explosive debate. >> and chris, one of the interesting things about this manual, is that the bush administration at one time decided it was not appropriate to use. >> that's exactly right. in fact this fella that we're going to talk to, jim tewy, who is a top advisor, found out about it, told the bush white house and they killed it but last month in july it was reinstated by the obama administration. >> and of course we can expect this will stir up conservatives
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and debate. but this week at least, reforms biggest hurdle is the democrats trying to get each other to agree. >> that's right. because the fact is the democrats have a big majority in the house and in the senate and if they all stick together, they could pass whatever they want without a single republican vote. but you've got this big division between the liberals in the democratic base, who are saying we need a public option, we need more government involvement, and moderates who want to cut the costs and desperately feel that the public option is a bad idea and will lead to more expense and could lead to too much government involvement in health ca decisions. so with the split within the party, they don't have the majority they need at this point it seems to pass the bill through the house and the senate. >> so what about the nuclear option we've been hearing about? do you think this is something they would just talk about it to try to get everyone in line? >> it certainly is the latter, that they're trying to get everyone in line. but they could conceivably use
8:34 am
it if they needed to. and quickly, if it's a budget issue, you could pass it not in the senate, but the super majority of 60 votes, but with a simple majority of 51. that would be easier to do even with defections in democratic ranks and the president and some democratic leaders are threatening, if we can't get support from the gop, we may go it alone and do it this way. >> thanks, chris for your time. we look forward to your show today. >> you bet. >> and you can catch chris after our show. he'll be talking with jim tewy. tammy duckworth, senator arlen spector and congressman paul ryan. well the first family is looking forward to r & r. the obamas begin a week long vacation in martha's vineyard. and folks in the area are
8:35 am
excited about that. some want to catch a glimpse of the first family and some are hoping to cash in on their arrival. >> when the president comes, everybody goes crazy and the island goes crazy, but it ould be neat to come and meet him. >> i think his girls might have a lot of fun here, shopping and going out and having fun. >> i hope it does bring some of the -- it stimulates the island and we need it because the islands are hurting. >> this will be the obama's first visit to the vineyard since the election. the vineyard has served as a retreat for many presidents as far back as ulysses s. grant. and we do know they left this afternoon, trying to take care of -- let hurricane bill pass by. we'll check in with tucker barns to see what we can expect. so it will be spinning up toward nova scotia, but new england could have an issue.
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>> bill is off to the north and eas- -rehintenheattg threinenh canadianeri time. and we had soaking rainfall tad dulles international airport yesterday. rain around here yesterday. today will be an improvement with more sunshine and drier air moving in. still a risk of a scattered shower or thunderstorm. this frontal system is very slow to get out of here. reagan national is 71 at this hour. that is better than yesterday. yesterday it was steamy out there throughout the day and we had temperatures in the 80s. 70 right now at dulles. bwi marshall is 71. here is a look at the forecast and i'll be back with details with you. but by this afternoon, we'll see highs in the mid-80s. 86 here in washington. more sunshine than yesterday and less humid. but we still can't rule out the risks of a scattered shower or thunderstorm out there. i'll have more details on bill coming up in just a minute. lanie, i'll throw it back to you. >> thank you so much.
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and certainly a good day for a ride. bikers are heading out for the big tigger hiv ride to raise awareness and funds for a cure. and another goal is getting more people tested. african-americans make up more than 70% of all aids cases in d.c. now registration goes until 11:00 this morning at lot 7 of rfk stadium. big tigger will give opening remarks at 11:30. riders will fire it up at noon and head to six flags theme park. well a georgia man suffers a major heart attack and lives to tell. >> and i was out for somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes. >> you were technically dead. >> technically dead. >> a new medical treatment brings one man back to life. hear the -- the incredible story. >> find out who performed well
8:38 am
against the steelers and who just couldn't get it together.
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fox 5 on call with high- tech therapy. british researchers followed 300 patients with depression. half met with a their pist and the other half exchanged text messages. 42% of the texting patients did recover from depression. only 26% of those who had face- to-face meetings did well. a georgia man suffered a major heart attack and technically dead. doctors were able to revive his heart and brain funcons using they'ra putic hyperthermia. we have the story of how the new treatment is helping some people cheat death. >> we decided to go to bed. it was about 11:00 at night and
8:42 am
i walked this way to the porch light. >> reporter: but jim mcnabb had no idea his heart was about to stop. >> and i went over to turn the lights off and she heard this crashing sound. >> so i come running out and from here i can see him and it looked bad. >> she ran down stairs to her husband. >> and there i was, laying on my back with my eyes wide open, but not breathing, no heart, pulse, nothing. >> i run and grab the phone. call 911 and i'm just hysterical. >> reporter: as the 911 operator guided caitlin through cpr, she remembered their friend, dr. robert al bin three doors down when he got a call from 911. >> as i get there, his wife is on the driveway and she screams, robert, i think he's
8:43 am
dead. jim's dead. >> his heart had been stopped forever ten minutes and it took paramedics 10 more to get a pulse again. >> i was out for somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes. >> you were technically dead. >> technically dead. >> reporter: and without a heartbeat, sudden cardiac arrest patients usually have only about five minutes before the blood supply to their brain and other vital organs shuts down. he had been dead nearly four time that's long. >> the general expectation is that we've lost the battle. we just can't keep those tissues alive. >> reporter: jim was shed to st. joseph's hospital in atlanta. the same place dr. robert al bin had been talking about a new treatment called they'ra putic hypothermia, cooling bodies down to try to head off brain damage. >> call it fate or whatever you will, i had given the lecture five times now. >> reporter: the only problem -- >> i had never done it in my
8:44 am
life. >> reporter: jim would be robert's first patient. >> i just realized this is why i was learning about this. >> reporter: when he got to the e.r., jim was comatose and brain function did not look good. >> he kept saying, we're just trying to save his brain. >> reporter: the icu staff gave jim medication to people por airily paralyze him and then used chilled saline iv, ice and a cooling blanket to drop his temperature to 89 degrees farenheit. dr. al bin was pet rivfied. >> i had no idea whether i had resuscitated a person or my friend who would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. >> reporter: dr. al bin didn't know if this cold saline and cooling equipment had done its job. jim could open his eyes but
8:45 am
couldn't speak and it wasn't until dr. al bin dropped in one day that his friend who died was very much still alive. >> and i said, jim, can you hear me? and all of a sudden, his head nodded yes. >> what did you think? >> i was -- what i thought was, there is someone there. i hadn't done it for nothing. it hadn't been for nothing. >> reporter: caitlin snap this photo of jim three days after he left the hospital. >> he's a miracle. and there are other miracles out there if they can get to the right hospital and treatment. >> reporter: and the doctor believed there was only one sure thing in medicine. >> i left medical school and training knowing that i knew the difference between a living person and a dead person. and as of a couple weeks ago, i can no longer say that.
8:46 am
>> and caitlin and jim mcnabb couldn't be more grateful. >> and that was beth galvin reporting. and with heart stopping moments at fedex field, the redskins trying to come up with the first preseason win against the superbowl champs. here from the stars of the game on offense and defense and our own champion in the weather department, tucker barnes. >> thank you very much. >> here for us this morning. >> the forecast looking much improved. less humidity and i know there's a ride out there with big tigger today and right now things are looking bright. >> they're not riding. >> but they will be. and there is a the possibility of a shower in the afternoon. >> i'm sure those folks want to know how their ride to six flags is going to be. it's good to see people out there registering. we'll be right back. 
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some big stories we're following. it is back to school week. students in d.c. and prince george's county start the new
8:50 am
school year tomorrow. other districts in maryland and northern virginia head back to class over the next two weeks. the deadline to cash in your clunker is fast approaching. at least 489,000 car have been sold through the popular program so the feds are pulling the plug tomorrow night to keep it from running out of money. deals are asking the department of transportation for more time to get claims submitted. and hurricane bill turning tord nova scotia. tropical storm warnings are in affect. authorities are urging extreme caution when going to the beach. just a few minutes they dropped the tropical storm warning. so it's now racing off to the north and east. and i'll show it to you in a minute. but it will be a soaker for the united kingdom by next week. >> it will keep going. >> yes. it will not be a hurricane or prom but it will be big. our weather, we featured a lot of rain around here yesterday. and it's
8:51 am
a cool breeze aandowda n atdown at the capitol and a miof a clouds and sunshine. we still have the risk of a erowshsh or ow thunderstorly this afternoon. oare ul iclythispa afternoon. e r darad anthd radar and we've quieted down after the soaking rains around here late yesterday afternoon and during the evening hours, we have flh flood warnings for portions of the area, including an arendel county. not much happening. but a nicestart to the day and the fog will burn off here quickly. and let's go to the rain totals yesterday, and we had record rainfall out at dulles and here at reagan national that was about 1.25 inches at dwi marshall and it varies. parts of an arendel county, they picked up over 2.5 inches of rain. so there is a lot of rain across the area. much quieter today. but the funnel system is still in the neighborhood so, we'll have the possibility as i mentioned of a few more scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon.
8:52 am
71 degrees at reagan national that's better than yesterday. 71 in baltimore. 67 in winchester, what you'll notice is the humidity is more tolerable than yesterday. still up there and not quite comfortable, but better than yesterday when we were so oppressive. there is our morning satellite radar and you can see the mix of suband clouds and out to the west we're still dealing with scattered showers an even the possibility of thunderstorms bubbling up in the mountains at is hour. off to the north and east, the last of it pushing up toward new york city of bill. and hurricane bill is now racing off to the north and east. latest statement from the national hurricane center is that it's still a hurricane, maximum winds about 85 miles per hour you can see it lost it's distinct eye in the last couple of frames hoar and now it's a threat to portions of nova scotia and new finland as it continued to race off at 30 miles per hour. no longer a threat to the united states, although they will deal with high winds and waves for portions of cape cod
8:53 am
and maine. our weather, this frontal system is a slow mover. it bumped into hurricane bill in the atmosphere and it's having trouble moving through but it will very slowly chug off to the east and with it, moving slowly through the area, we have the possibility of a few more owers or thunderstorms kicking up later this afternoon. so that's why we can't reel out the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm. once it gets off the coach, the weather around here early next week will look fantastic. we'll have sunshine, lower humidity and temperatures in the middle 80s. not a bad looking forecast. mix of clouds and sun. thunderstorms and showers. high temperature of about 86 degrees. that's a nyet nice looking forecast. look at tomorrow. 85. can't rule out the possibility of a scattered shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. but by tuesday, wednesday and thursday we're featuring sunshine. humidity will be in check and high temperatures in the upper 80s. so it's starting to turn the corner. people go back to school tom and the fall weather not too far away. >> it's unbelievable.
8:54 am
first back to school and everyone wants to pull out their brand new sweaters. >> summer just started. >> thanks, tucker. and the talk this morning, the skins first preseason game at home against the superbowl champion steelers. trying to right the ship after last week's shutout loss to the ravens. the skins shows a punt formation but cartwright gets 15 yards and that led to a 20- yard field goal. brian orakpo showed he came to play, stuffing the steeler line and then came the offense. third quarter, redskins are down 10-3, chase daniel lobs one to mark omitchell for a touchdown and game tied at 10. later in the 4th, skins down by 3 and there it is chase daniel. again this time a perfect pass to fred davis for the 18-yard touchdown. the skins win 17-13.
8:55 am
fox 5's sports director dave feldman with some happy people. >> it was a last. it's finally nice to get out there and get out there and get dirty and get hit for the first time in a time. it felt good. >> my second year in the offense, you start to get comfortable with things and i had fun today. >> was it fun running down there by the goal line. >> it's fun. but we're playing against a great defense. it will be tough on the goal line. i'm happy to help our team get up and everything. but i just can't do that one time. i have to come back out next week and do the same thing. >> it started out with a blast with the first play, but we need more work on the pass and catch but we're looking good and feeling good. so we'll be good. we'll be all right. >> and on the other side of the ball, look no further than brian orakpo. he was all over the place. feldy sat down with one-on-one
8:56 am
with the skins touted defensive man. >> the rookie brian orakpo. you didn't look like a rookie tonight to me. >> i'm trying to do what i do and be productive each time i was out on the field and it felt good to get this w. >> i don't think carly blatche or anyone else wanted to see you. >> i think just the hard work we put in and the calling and the whole defensive line spent time out there getting the quarterback out of his comfort zone and making them make decisions. >> jason campbell went 1 for 7 for 10 yards. here is what is next. the new england patriots come to town for the third preseason game. kick off is at 8:00 p.m. well twinkies. all of us have had one at one time or another. well now it's the end of an
8:57 am
era. the man who has made them calls it quits. his story when we return. at your chevy deal
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most of the us have eaten one at one time or another. now the man who has made twines

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